Ashley Strotman

Contact me at:
or by phone at the salon: 859-426-7999

I have 9 years experience in the industry as a hairstylist and makeup artist. I have worked with and was educated by some of the best in the industry including Nick Arrojo and the Doves. I was an educator for Sebastian for two years where I traveled around the country and perfected my craft as a makeup artist while learning, creating and educating other artists at other salons. I love to think outside the box and be creative. I enjoy making my clients feel beautiful. I also enjoy clients who love to be trendy and edgy but I also can adapt to the client who wants the conservative look as well.

I have been a salon owner since 2004 and I am currently the sole owner of Perfectly Posh Salon & Boutique which I created in 2008. I am constantly looking for ways to better myself as both a salon owner and as a stylist. I consider myself to be ahead of the trends in the industry. I was the 3rd salon in the country to become an ambassador salon for Nick Arrojo’s new product line in 2010. Myself along with another stylist at my salon just recently got back from a trip to New York where we met with Nick Arrojo and was caught up on all the latest trends and techniques for the salon industry. I plan on making this an annual trip to New York not only for me but for other stylist working at my salon. I am constantly looking at ways to advance my craft by keeping up with the latest fashion, trends and style.